Birthday wishlist

Lazing around at home this Saturday and I thought why not make a visual of what I think would motivate me to start putting money into my piggy bank/jot down my current style favourites, etc.

So from top to bottom, left to right:
1. Y.R.U OASiS, here
2. Y.R.U. Qloud patent creeper, here
3. Juju Babe in Black, here
4. H&M mint chiffon kimono, here
5. Isolated Heroes bubble backpack in Clear, here
6. Adidas metallic windbreaker, here
7. Runwaydreamz x Levis studded acid vintage jacket, here
8. Polar FT4 watch, here
9. Adidas floral logo tank top, here
10. Topshop vintage Mom jeans, here
11. China Glaze in Re-Fresh Mint, here
12. Baggu backpack in Poppy, here
13. By Invite Only Diva necklace in gold, here
14. Topshop bleach acid mom jeans, here

Going legal in 7 days... Excited? Most likely.

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