Floral festivities

P1181005 Waffle hot dogs!!!!11
P1181007 P1181008 P1181009 P1181012 P1181014 P1181015 P1181017 P1181019 And this is how you eat ice cream (could've been good with some ben and jerry's though...)
P1181023 P1181024 P1181025 P1181026 P1181027 P1181028 ( Leather trim tunic: Dorothy Perkins / Lace Leggings: H&M / Floral kimono: Forever 21 / Leather Hi-Tops: Converse / Suede satchel: online)

What i wore for some Chinese New Year clothes shopping. The chinese believe that new clothes must be worn for a new year to signify a new start, and that permits me a shopping trip. Explored Bugis a little. Bugis street reminded me so much of Taiwan, and i so want to shop in that kind of setting once again, because shopping centres are boring. Planning a Bangkok trip in 2015 and i'm pretty excited.

Had my dental appointment before that and my dentist told me the braces could be removed in 3-4 months' time. Yay! No more Metalmouth, hello nicer teeth. Reasons why i don't smile with teeth as much because it looked like someone had a fist coming out from my throat and punched my upper set of teeth out, and now it looks better.... More pleasing to the eye, i hope. Refused extractions and well i hope i am going to be happy with my teeth once the braces are off. Did i mention in the course of 1 year of having braces, not only did the aesthetics of my teeth change, but so did my face shape? I hope it is for the better, and i hope i am not going to look weird after they are off. *fingers crossed*

Outside my dental clinic had a pasar malam. More street food!

And finally i brought out one of my many satchels, usually i carry a backpack because it does not strain the lower back after having extra weight on one side of your body. I carry a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout my shopping trip, it feels terrible yearning for water while refusing to pay $3.00 for a bottle of water, so why not? Downside is that you've got to carry it around and who likes carrying a heavy bag? Noone. Obviously....

This leather tunic/shift dress is my favourite. It has 2 leather pockets, convenient for me to put my phone and wallet in, perfect. 


  1. really awesome photographs!! i love the detail on the closeups! i love the way you write too
    keep it up!

  2. Awesome pics!! Super cool outfit
    your blog it's really awesome


  3. I love the kimono top! To die for +++ You are so cute! Fanned you on lookbook :)