Meet Duchess, the golden retriever!

( Camou outerwear: Bugis street / Graphic tee: Bugis street / Denim shorts: Forever 21 / Kitty tattoo leggings: Taiwan / Sneakers: Converse )

The camouflage jacket turned out to be very apt for this as the park felt very adventure-y, perhaps I could wear it to go trekking at the park soon.

Gave school a miss today because my shoulders hurt so bad I had to breathe manually, as stupid as it sounds. Have been nursing this injury since pre-competition and it has gotten worse due to my stupidity and overestimation.... well. Shit happens. Since then I've been trying to wear more backpacks to not feel the strain..... who doesn't love backpacks? My current fave backpack would be the one i'm wearing above which also can be seen here.

Speaking of competition, Yours Truly designed the tee shirt! How cool is that (or not).

Anyway, I spent my weekend helping out YH with his film assignment, as a makeup artist. This is my second time doing this, apart from helping out with my dance club 2 years ago. And it is the first time I am putting makeup on a man to fake his age; not to look young, but to look old! Amazing how makeup can transform faces. Honestly I think it could've done better but the crew approved of my work. Much sense of satisfaction.

Doesn't Duchess look cute? She's the most friendliest dog I've ever met, makes me feel like getting a dog....

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