City of Compton

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compton2 compton5 compton3 ( "City of Compton" Shirt & Mesh Panel Leggings: F21 / Jelly Black Loafers: Rubi )

First day of school after the New Years'/ festive break. Put on some festive weight and what more to feel cozier than a huge t-shirt and leggings? I swear by leggings, given that my waistline is ever changing. And huge t-shirts. They are my staple ever since i stepped into polytechnic. Woke up late for school? Just grab a huge tee shirt and a pair of leggings and I'm good to go. 
I recently find myself buying more black clothing; slimming effect maybe? Black goes with (almost) everything anyway. Dressed up the slouchy oversized tee with mesh panel leggings. Nonetheless they were comfy and made my legs looked slimmer.

How do my eyebags look? Time to have more sleep, maybe, or maybe not....

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