Christmas night

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(Jersey Maxi dress: Uniqlo / Lace moto jacket: H&M / Mini leather sling: H&M / Leather Hi-Tops: Converse)

Christmas night, 8:38pm
We quarreled (which explains my-smaller-than-already-small eyes, but not the bad complexion) then made up. Eyeliner got washed away. Hair is messy, as usual. Then sinked my teeth into a cob of corn, which you can see in the photos evidently. A huge downside to having braces. Everything gets stuck to your teeth more easily; he did not mind, as much. Maybe if it was our first date he'd whatsapp his friends after he sends me home.
Waited for the bus, it wasn't foreign to me. We had done this many times, for years, 5 to be exact. Had dinner at Wendy's. Caesar salad, my favourite and guilt free. Walked around the mall and window shopped, how I wish I could bring a shopping bag or two home.

Please excuse the grainy photos. It was late.

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