Accessory obsession

So after countless vlogs and Man Vs Pin (see Threadbanger) I revived my Pinterest account and since my submission week is over, why not?
Since forever i have this obsession with bracelets and often they are probably  a waste of money  too expensive to purchase every time i go to a shop, say, Topshop and love their accessories (except for sale period), i'd find some way to make my own and that way I can make one for myself and even friends and even sell it (link -> thelabcoat )!
So I gathered a few photos from the net and decided to keep it here as well, just for keepsake, maybe I'll print a few photos and put up a moodboard in my room (could have a DIY for that) as well.
I am becoming a DIY maniac lol.

(credit to Yarn Journey, Ssek Jewelry, and various etsys, tumblrs and Pinterests)

Probably do a remake for some of these bracelets, get in touch with me on ask.fm and @jiayincredible on instagram and twitter :-)
if anyone still reads this place.

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