Life in filter

Omg I have not posted here in about 2 months?
Photos are processed through VSCO (love that app), hope they have Afterlight for android soon. And maybe a square camera.
Photos are not in chronological order... Anyway. To summarise.
1. On weekends, I read magazines and drink water.
2. Mock up of a watch I designed for a school project. Embroidered and all.
3. Picking up embroidery amongst other things, so much that my friends call me an "old granny" for picking up these skills(i guess)......
4. Oversized floral shirt: Miss Selfridge, Mesh shorts: Adidas.
5. Oats and chia seeds soaked overnight in milk, topped with blueberries, grapes and peach pieces.
6. Egg in a basket sandwich with tuna, baby spinach and cheese. With dates at the side. My new found loec for dates... I didn't know they tasted so good? Maybe try out one of those healthy eating non bake cakes sometime.
7. New gym corner beside the pool and it was kinda cool!!! The resistance mechanism used water and it was so apt.
8. Actually quite surprised I won even bronze for this competition.
9. Also going to pick up crocheting. I ended up flipping the pages of this book and giving up how to learn through a book lol (plus it was due even before I had time to read properly). Also, Reebok resistance bands at the back.
10. Graduation dinner video production team.
11. One of the meals I prepped when I had to lose weight to make it for my weight category.
12. Post competition school meal: Bento set from the japanese stall and its a good and bad thing that my school sells nice food!
13. Baby blue Volkswagen Beetle that I chose to draw for my school assignment.
14. First competition I've participated on a national level. Won my opponent for the second time in two different competitions! *triumphant music*

Holidays are coming up soon and I can't wait!! Fingers crossed that it'll be a good one. Also bought quite a few clothes and what not maybe I'll do a mini haul (if anyone still reads this space)!

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