In my attempt to keep this place more active. Basically my usual morning for the past few days. I'll have (preferably) a breakfast with fruit to kick start my digestive tract in the ass(geddit?) and then see what Cherry is up to.
Cherry, is my 1 year old hamster who has red eyes. She's a special lil' thing, saw her in the pet shop wandering around behind the glass and decided to bring her home. Probably obvious enough to understand why I gave her that name.
She's not my first hamster though. I've had about 8 since I was 12, and have been keeping hamsters ever since. At first, I wanted a dog or cat like a few of my peers but my parents refused and brought home one of these furballs for my 12th birthday.
Although they are not very huggable in a sense but its a joy watching them going about their daily activities, their reactions when I feed them fresh fruit/veg, and not to mention their nocturnal antics when I'm up late at night.
Been super busy lately. I have been training 3-4 days a week, and on the other days? Not free either.

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