Dim Summin'

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I'm probably the last, or at least one of the last persons to try Tim Ho Wan, a fairly popular Dim Sum restaurant which now has one outlet at the west. So for my occasional, but mandatory meetup with my girls we've decided to head there!
I'm on a fairly tight budget and food can get pretty expensive nowadays so....... I'm glad it didn't cost too much, because dim sum can get awfully costly and you'd leave the place, still hungry and unsatisfied. But apart from Din Tai Fung at Taiwan this place really left me happy (and full). As usual there's a queue, justifying how good this place is as many of them were willing to wait for food, hungry or not.
So the 3 of us ordered 6 dishes. I was kind of surprised that their whole menu was printed on the placemat and there wasn't much of variety, but rather they focused on quality. Which was a good thing. Because I changed my order 3 times before finally giving our order to the waitress.
I was pretty hungry when we were able to get a table but the food serving was efficient and the Zhu Chang Fen or rice noodle roll sauce was poured only when the dish arrived at our table. Chinese tea was refillable which means no worry for thirsty and burning a hole in your wallet just for drinks.
All were friggin' good but the dish that impressed me the most was the Char Siew Bao, or Cantonese Pork-filled Bun because I never liked or ate them and everytime I'd give it another go, I'll regret it quite badly but for the one here, I'd definitely have seconds. The crust is sweet and fluffy with the crispy crust unlike traditional ones which were sweet, but not that kind of sweet, and it reminded me of donuts. The filling was also a little different and IT WAS SO GOOD. 
The others were good also, and I have to highlight that all prawn dumplings came with more than 1 prawn and the Har Gao, or steamed shrimp dumpling came with about 3 prawns, each so there's really a bang for your buck here. The prawns weren't so raw or so hard and there was a good in-between.  I would also definitely go back to try their Malay Cake and other dumplings!
The first photo was taken using my Xperia Z1 Compact, are you impressed or not? I finally got to change my handset and stuck to Sony phones as I'm a sony user since forever for their hardware durability and now that they're a good competitor against Samsung and Apple. When it comes to taking care of phones, yours truly isn't the best at it and I'm glad to say that Sony phones are able to withstand almost any drop experienced by me. most Sony phones are now waterproof which means I can continue my laziness of not drying my hands completely after washing them.
(I sound like I'm advertising but I'm not!)

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