Second trip

 .... To USS, Or formally known as Universal Studios Singapore. Not much of a 'wow' factor because it's not my first time there, went with a couple of friends about a year ago? 
I've been really off/grumpy/down the weather so screaming whilst in a carriage was definitely a change of mood, did I mention that my legs felt slightly wobbly after the more 'intense' rides.... The largest roller-coaster in there was closed (thank god).
I'm definitely not a thrill-seeker of that kind but the Mummy and Transformer rides left me happy, although I still keep my eyes closed for the former. It's becoming like an instinct, "Looks can be deceiving" So i choose to let my body feel the momentum as the form of enjoyment instead of keeping my eyes wide open to see that perhaps the carriage may be going a bit too fast for my liking.
Though the more kiddy rides were kind of... less entertaining but its the experience that counts I guess. Sat a few rides I didn't take the other time i was here, and watched Water World which kept my ears busy.
And not to forget the food. Turkey leg, pizza, and the burger was great but the slushie was too sweet but the bottle had it plus points.
Going on a weekday was great as the crowd was scarce, which enabled YH and I to take some of the rides several times - well, once is never enough anyway. Ended the time at USS early to go relax at the beach for awhile as the weather was being co-operative, unlike recent days.

Its 1am and if I had to be a pair of shoes.... It'll be this pair.
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