December morning

On weekends, breakfast gets a little more colourful. My addiction to peanut butter is growing, but still controlled, people would watch me eat 6 teaspoons for breakfast and wonder why would i even do that, only to stare at me in disbelief after i said that peanut butter tastes good on its own just like Nutella.

"If people tell you that you eat too much peanut butter, tell them that you do not need that kind of negativity in life."

The struggle is real. For 2 weeks, I've been living in semi frustration over my relationship with.... food. Being a Judoka, physical fitness and weight is important but i chose to focus so much on the latter - leaving myself feeling like sh#%t. Note: never over-obsess with food, or it will be the one controlling you, instead of you controlling food.
Last night i watched Supersize versus Superskinny over Youtube and decided maybe, I can stop being slave to food. Of course with the help of YH who has given me constant support despite all that has happened.

"True people stick by you no matter what happens."

Sometimes through my lectures I wonder if my choice of course was a good one, or I would just end up regretting it. Honestly, if I had a choice i wouldn't be here, but since I am already, why not make the best use of it. Back in Secondary School we did not have much of a choice of what to study, but here and now it is.... different. Choice of study is very distinct and it would possibly affect our future. The future is a scary thing, but fear is like food. You can work for it or make it work for you. I can only take one step at a time and see what happens.

I still have not come to terms that today, is December the 1st. How? What did I do for the past 11 months? Nonetheless, I anticipate this month. Not so much of the exams... Maybe post-exam period would be good.

Cute Skipper mug from Universal Studios Singapore virgin trip.

My thoughts are all over the place. I guess I'll end here for now.

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