I wear zebras on my sleeves

 ( Zebra sweater: Forever 21 / Aubergine tube skirt: Dorothy Perkins / White leather Hi-Tops: Converse / Cobalt beanie: Forever 21 / Bag: Taiwan )

My current favourite sweater - my mom often drops subtle reminders that I live in Singapore, a place where it is hot, hot hot and cool weather comes in the form of air conditioned malls and transportation as the amount of sweaters in my wardrobe increases.... Never dying love for sweaters, until perspiration gets me.

When front printed sweaters get too boring, print them on the sleeves. Animal prints never fail to attract my attention, be it birds, horses, fish, etc.... They are always less boring, to me at the very least.

... I look tired. Been feeling a little off this week and its showing on my face, it shows how important it is to eat and live well in order to look good. For that, I headed to subway - pathetic attempt at a healthier diet? Chicken Teriyaki sub was yummy nonetheless, with Tomato Bisque soup. Life's been too busy for self prepared meals but then again these are excuses.
Chippy's fried mars balls with ice cream and Hershey's chocolate syrup - I've sinned.

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