Dear Darlin'

 (Rose Print Button Up: Miss Selfridge / Leather shorts: Recxnstruct / Accessories from everywhere / 'Greed' Leather Backpack: Toxic Codeine / Shoes from Far East Plaza, similar here)

Skipped homework for some retail therapy, my week had its fair share of crazy and i guess retail therapy actually works, not till you see your bank balance or wallet, that is. Went to Bugis with my male friend for some crazy shopping and street food; well of course I was the one doing the shopping most of the time. Its been long since i actually walked around streets and flipping through racks choosing out pieces i like. Online shopping sells virtually everything but it can never beat the feeling of touching the fabric and trying it on before making purchase.

The cup of bubble tea has the best tasting pearls i swear and i found it cool how it isn't boring black. The drink has equal taste of green tea, milk and sweetness but most of the shop owners literally darted their eyes at the drink on my left hand while i was browsing clothes with my right and had no choice but to hand the drink to my male friend, to hold, of course.... Not sure if he sneakily took a few sips.

Anyway, how do you like my outfit? Ditched the initial thought of wearing a sweater and leggings as the weather turned up the heat and, no, my legs aren't dirty nor i am a victim of domestic abuse. They're just a few souvenirs i get from judo training and hopefully these bruises will decrease when i get better at it. The scar on my shin near to my ankle was from 5/6 years ago? Gosh i feel old.
Today, i preach almost-all black. Paired my leather runner shorts with the floral shirt from Miss Selfridge which i love. "I think my grandma rocks this print, too." says my friends. Does the backpack remind you of Chanel? There's nothing to hate about quilted leather on a backpack.

Oh, and absolutely shiny shoes i had to have was from Far East, and it was the last piece, phew....

Finally found the title of the song i've been looking for, give it a listen?

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