Photo: Found mushrooms growing alongside the cherry blossom plant that we brought in last chinese new year but got too lazy to remove after chinese new year.

Photo: one day later

Probably one of the reasons why i actually stay in the course i'm studying right now, unlike Chemistry and Physics, Biology is remotely man made, but rather, discovered.
Before I decided to post something i thought to myself, "who the fuck cares?" but then quickly swept the thought past me because i was once told that life's too short to care about what people think.

Sorry for the inactiveness, to anyone who actually reads this. I aimed for it to be happening, but failed to upkeep. Got my part-time job out of the way so i can finally focus on school life, both social and academic, hopefully, not forgetting the usual ootds(not to forget shopping).

Life..... has been great, i'm thankful, never have been more glad. Still keep up with my secondary school friends, my friends in the current school are great, too. Just that sometimes, too much of a good thing can be bad, and that's when i'm troubled... 

A few years back during history class my teacher told me, "why do we study history?" and as usual, i wasn't listening. But the answer caught my attention; "to learn from the past" and i felt it quite meaningful up to today. I don't want history to repeat, the memory was vague but i still remember it as nasty. 

Everything else? A mess and i can't find the right words to articulate.

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