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I have no work due tomorrow so yay I'm typing here!

Re-organised the blog abit and for those who don't know the header is my handwriting. After what feels like hours scrolling thru dafont.com, I've finally decided on using my own font - personal touch maybe.

I couldn't sleep. 
I've been living in this new room now (Yours Truly designed it, and assembled most of the furniture) and I'm loving it! All white/black so getting sick of colours/moods changing because of colours isn't an issue. Probably need some ideas on how to spice up the room..... 

Everyday I sleep with 3 friends(lol I sound like a slut) - Meet Chlorophyll, Pororo and Lotso, they're my sleep buddies and its sort of a.... assurance? There's more kept in the wardrobe and here and there but occupies too much space so here's my current 3 favourites. Stuffed animals are love regardless of age. Oh and Lamb and Tux Penguin accompanying my lamp. People always go like "omg you're so childish lol stuffed animals when you're almost hitting 20?" and shit.

Life's been great and honestly it has come to a point in life where I'm lost (lol teen-age crisis) and not sure if what I want is what I really want but heck I'll go for it. Maybe it'll work. Idk. Sometimes I look at successful teens my age doing great stuff, representing the country in terms of sports and etc, setting up charity organisations, being famous, travelling the world... And then there's me. Maybe I don't have to be great in that sense but be the best version of myself. It's like, "your best is good enough" thing.

And so I've been kind of upgrading. And today I've unlocked an achievement a.k.a almost doing a pull-up!!! Will aim to do about 5 by the end of this year maybe? It has been by far the furthest I've come in terms of physical fitness and will strive for improvement since I started trying to lose weight (eternities ago). Maybe go to the gym or run more often. Some people might think its stupid and shit but their opinions are none of my business. "The Lion does not lose sleep over the opinion of the Sheep."
Oh and plot twist - I've picked up reading, more on fashion design and dress making and hope I am able to make my dream dress very soon (and build up a portfolio so my dream of being a Lasalle student is more realise-able), I hope.

Speaking of making stuff do follow @thelabcoat on Instagram! Its my baby I've been working on since a few months ago(lost count, have been procrastinating) and it'll be featuring minimalistic/stackable accessories and when I master dress making/fabric manipulation/sewing then I'll move on from there, but now its just bracelets, necklaces, maybe a chance of rings and will be open in a mid June - do give it a signal boost for me and I'll love y'all. Personally loving the swarovski bracelets because it is not too "oldish" and "high class" - y'know how those aunties with tudungs love to hot-fix swarovski and older ladies love to bedazzle everything and it doesn't appeal to teens? I've given a more casual, dressed down, less glaring take on these crystals hope y'all will love it :-)

Recently I've also been looking for my personal style - trying different sorts of clothing which includes dresses(can't wait to shop) of different... styles? I guess. I love all 3: the high neck skater, Ruffle cami dress and cami shift dress/slip dress but if I were to pick one that fits me most it'll be the shift dress because I'm lazy.

Speaking of personal style..... Shoe lust for the month.
(available here)

Dear pair of shoes:
Love, me

Oh and getting sick of my hair.... Suggestions?

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