Out of the blue

( Blazer: Nastygal / Shorts: KateLove / Sling bag: Baggu / Oxfords: Topshop / Lightning necklace: Forever 21 / Quartz necklace: LateRabbit )

Went for a walkabout at the malls after sitting for quizzes at school, just to destress with Yh in the evening, as well as to pick up some stuff at the shops. Feels like I'm shopping all the time though. Woops.

Always sporting messy hair... If its neat, its probably not me. And baby hair all over my face. I always envied people with hair that always fell perfectly but after 17 ish years of my life I've learnt to accept it. Haven't been rocking centre parting since when i was five, and bringing it back after twelve years.

This is probably how I'll look in school on a dressy day, but other days its just tee shirt/sweat, skater skirts/leggings and my converses. The chiffon shirt is really basic piece of clothing, just dressed up. The blazer is of a really good fit with slits at the sides to prevent that boxy look, just to add colour to my whole outlook.
The shoes are kind of a christmas present from Yh and they're my first pair of oxfords, suprising much? Well.

Went to eat at Kungfu Paradise and it was a good choice, probably an 'upgrade' from the usual fast food/food court food. Not too much a strain on the wallet (which is a good thing). Everything looked so yummy and after flipping through the menu and exchanging "What do you wanna eat?" several times we finally decided on a few. Yes these are what we both ordered together and felt so full, funny.

 I intended for some caesar salad only initially but ended up ordering more, oh heck the food was good. The mashed potato was soooo silky and the bun for the burger was so flavourful despite it being just a... bun. We were allowed to pick two choices of sauce for the baked rice(its their specialty if i don't remember wrongly) and it was japanese curry and cream, so for fickle people like me we could try two, or a mix of both.
Passed up on the dessert because both of us were still recovering from the influx of chinese new year goodies, but next time I'll get one of their shakes or cakes which looked so mouth watering behind the glass display.

My blog is slowly becoming into a food blog, but ah I blog what I wanna blog.

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