( Marocain shirt: Topshop / Lace Skirt: H&M / Scarf: Cotton On )

Day Two of Chinese New Year was a routinely visit to Lim Chu Kang to visit my Grans' - they own one of the fish farms at the kelong there and it is always an exciting trip. After as long as I can remember, I am still skeptical about stepping into the boat without anyone's support. 
It was sunny, but windy and it was great. Dad drove all of us to the pier and Grandad picked us up via a motorised boat. The short ride from the pier to the fish farm was really refreshing and the wind was all over my face, unlike the usual weather in Singapore. Did I mention crocodiles swam from Indonesia and one of them swam and crawled up the neighbouring fish farms? I could not imagine how would I react if one crawled up ours...... 
Despite being in the middle of the body of water in between Singapore and Malaysia my Grandma never fail to cook up a feast, complete with canned abalone; mushroom balls, fishballs, pork liver, button mushrooms, vegetables, and my favourite, pork stomach soup.... which Grandma let us take some home to savour. Yum. It might sound gross to some of y'all but you'll never know until you try. 

Kopi, my Grandma's dog and she literally follows her everywhere. Really tamed (and old), she's 14 years old this year and she's basically the watchdog for the fish farm along with Gou Kia, her male counterpart.

Basically everything grows in this small little floating space, from greens, dragonfruit, to tortoises and of course fish. Nope I did not eat the piece of bread, the fish did. Fully grown milkfish eat bread! Mussels basically grow on almost every float that is submerged in the water and we used to pluck them out, steam them to eat.... Until we found worms. Eeargh. Mussels can be used as live bait too. 

This place has grown over the years and watching the Burmese helper feed the baby fish was kind of interesting, and of course I had to take a photo of one of my favourite CNY snack, the honeycomb. Not to forget the juicy pomelo~
There were also visitors from Tianjin, China brought by my cousin - nope those aren't my family....... Haha.

We then drove back home only to make an impromptu stop at a nursery and brought a few pet cacti home, there were too many choices and i couldn't decide...... Meh. 

Wore everything flowy and the shirt and skirt are my favourite pieces, What more than to wear pastel hues to welcome spring? Despite Singapore being a temperate country, well I can always imagine.

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