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Hey guess who's back from Taiwan/Taipei!
Been really busy juggling work and training lately..... holidays are ending soon-ish -cries- and really hope it'll be a good school semester! Anywho here's some snaps from my trip :-)

Took a midnight flight from the airport and landed in the morning(sun rises really early there)...
breakfast: handmade noodles. This thing tastes really good and costs less than S$3.

Ximending, Taiwan.

This thing does not taste like ice cream....

Got into a fight..?

Judo partner(who is 18). She's a black belt.

Snake wine...

Things are upsized here. XXL chicken, XXL Taiwan sausage....

Got to try authentic Shilin Chicken! Score.

Fruit stalls are pretty common here.

Pastry bun in a pastry bun which becomes a pastry bun.

I don't know what this is....

Sick kicks. Half of the people here wear sneakers: Nike, New Balance, Adidas, Puma, Converse.... 

Looks similar to Roti Prata but this baby requires no curry/sugar to taste good.
Taiwan's Din Tai Fung Xiao Long Baos.... Allowed to have many more because its cheap here.

If you're looking for KOI in Taiwan, you'll probably won't find it. Because this is KOI! Not sure why they changed their branding in Singapore though...

Mode of transport? The Metro. Behold, the one time trip ticket which you tap in and then slot in the gantry like a piggy bank for exit.

Snippets of one of the shopping districts, very similar to Bugis street. Pretty much couldn't find much for Singapore's weather since its F/W and the weather there is pretty cold.

Runaway cart

This huge stuffed animal shop in Xi Men Ding. My 1 meter tall green boyfriend pillow rabbit only costed S$30! People here are big on Adventure Time and Line chat sticker characters, as well as a few anime titles like One Piece, Attack on Titan(shingeki no kyojin), etc....

Inside joke........ haha. Hot Springs at Taiwan are a must go; which i didn't. 100 yuan (approx. SGD4) for an hour for the budget ones.

KFC in Taiwan sells cajun fries, BBQ Chicken and the dearly missed Bandito Pockett while the Macds sells taro pie and corn soup.

Had a ball of a time with my teammates and all, not to forget the lack of sleep.... Anticipate more posts soon, i hope? ;-)

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