sweet disposition....... not

 Snack for the day - say yes to polytechnics because we get to eat (almost) everywhere. The purple of the sweet potatoes are gorgeous but turned out to be utterly bland.

 No worries there's no snail inside!

 I'd love to paint my nails but then again i can't.

(chiffon shirt: weluvmeow/ fluorescent skirt: Topshop/ lace moto jacket: H&M, similar here/ shoes: Rubi shoes/ necklace: Diva/ gold ankle cuff: Younghungryfree/ backpack: Baggu)

Taken awhile ago - it was a friday and fridays are always opportunities to dress up for school! Do you love the jacket? How the girly lace is put together with the hardcore moto; a few of my friends complimented it, hehe. And the fluorescent skirt and flats. Singapore's lack of four seasons give you a reason to wear brights all year round. 

Have been busy and thank god the semester is coming to an end soon. First ever semester in a new school has definitely been a pleasant experience and I look forward to the coming years! Now time to study for tomorrow's exam.

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