Korean food

(Taken with my Sony Xperia Z1 Compact, GIFs from Tumblr, here)

So in attempt to keep my life experiences in a physical form why not put it here?
Basically this is how my day went! Didn't get to take a photo of my outfit but I was looking pretty vintage. I mean who the heck takes an outfit in the middle of a bustling mall?!
Instead of studying for my Engineering Mechanics test on monday I've decided to head out for some good food and a movie, well its high time I did something about my weight which is slowly spiralling out of control and its a little scary.
After picking up my new frames YH and I had Nene Chicken at Star Vista and then picked up some chocolate(my ultimate weakness) at Candy Empire!

Nene Chicken is definitely good but I can't say so for the environment for the one at Star Vista given the confined space. Had to non-intentionally shove through 2 people just to get straws for YH and I. Which made them and I quite uncomfortable.
But the food was awesome 'cos unlike other fried chicken restaurants(Is this the right terminology for places like these) the chicken was obviously cooked with a considerable amount of oil but it didn't feel like it and the sauce wasn't the omg my throat is about to shrivel up and die kind of feeling and I deff wanted more. The fries were nice and had no oily aftertaste and the pickled radish was a nice touch. Definitely come back here again. I tried the new sesame one and YH had the freaking hot (LOL) one and both of us loved it.

Had Awfully Chocolate Hei double scoop ice cream 'cos why not!?

And then we watched Lucy which you can read about here in their Wiki. The movie was overall OK. Good plot and the reason why these kind of sci-fi-ish movies attract me is because it just might happen in real life but in actual fact, probability is like 0.0000001. Like In Time (wtf it has been about 2 years already!?). I was sliiiiightly disappointed though because it could have been better at the whole... execution? Of the movie.

Headed to Marks and Spencers Food Hall(of which has appeared several times in this blog like the ice cream) and had dinner at Paik's Bibim

Paik's Bibim
1 Harbourfront Walk
Vivocity Singapore 098585
Opening Hours 1130 - 2130

The food is about the price range of Nene Chicken and I wasn't disappointed. I ordered a CupBap and YH ordered a Beef Bimbimbap(I think) and a Cupbap is basically a Bimbimbap in a cup. Which was really nice and they even had spicy korean sauce at every table. The setting was like a fast food restaurant's and was really pleasant!
Did some shopping and so that's pretty much it. Can't wait for tomorrow's test to be over and then I can get started with things I want to do and probably/hopefully blog more.

If anyone still reads this space!

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