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Watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier like weeks back and it was great. Despite having front rows and leaving with an aching neck.

Spent the last 2 weeks clearing old shit so that my room doesn't become a pig sty. It was kind of terrible because I'm doing it in conjunction with something else it is kind of shitty that this is happening but I must always remind myself that everything happens for a reason. Then again i felt much happier getting out all the emotional-physical clutter and i can make space for new shit so hooray materialistic me i can get new stuff, new everything and new stuff makes me happy.
Starting from level 1 again and it feels a little weird but I kind of don't regret it(no ragrets) because i can kind of work towards my 'dream', but people keep telling me "oh you'll never make it, because Singapore" and sometimes its kind of demoralising but i guess i kind of look pass whatever people say because seriously there's too much that people talk about for me to bother.... And thank you for dedicating tweets to me(p.s i have eyes to see and an internet connection).
So all's great and i have supporting company who kind of deal with my shit(thank you).
Today also marks 2 years of my "fitness journey" and yes its a very big deal for me because i hated exercise for 16 years of my life. Like am i supposed to feel pain so that i can be healthy? It didn't make any sense to me till like, 2 years ago and i'm very glad it turned out well.

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