Past week

(From my Sony Xperia Z1 Compact, processed with VSCO)

The photo quality gives me a headache... Sorry for anyone who's reading this if its doing it to you too. Anyway here's how I spent my holiday in a nutshell thus far? Not everything is documented(obviously)....
And so I've been trying out part-time jobs in the F&B industry so that I can earn money so I don't stay at home broke and crying and lets just say I'm not cut out for it. Not even surprised if I piss any of the guests off.
In the pockets of days that I'm not working I'm either cooking, shopping or getting creative. And other times are left for training. And stalking London Fashion Week.
Thought it'll be kinda erm. Cool? To post what I have for lunch/dinner on work days(they provide food before work. Yay free food! Never say no to food.)

1. Work Lunch #1
2. Work Lunch #2
3. Work Lunch #3
4. Work.. Dessert? From the same workplace as work lunch #3
5. Sneaks for thelabcoat re-launch(I need to step up my game, brains getting rusty... Drop me an ask on my ask.fm if you have any suggestions)
6. Random breakfast(and people thought I eat salad all the time)
7. Random home lunch. Got too lazy to cook everything individually so just threw everything together into one giant omelette.
8. Knit pouch for my MP3(which has taken quite abit of abuse from the other things in my bag.... sorry)
9. New dangly earrings!!! Normally I stay with studs but studs are a hassle now that I have to take them on and off all the time. Probably would go back to get more. Switch up my look maybe. And thank goodness I didn't throw the random corkboard I bought from Daiso because it has now been given a new lease of life!

Trying to keep my holidays not only consisting of being in bed/pigging out/watching tv or shows or youtube videos..... Going pretty well. Hyped for the rest of my holidays.
But not for my results.... Bleargh. Fingers crossed.

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